* EMC Debugging

1. Outline

KST's service range covers; technical consultation and support for EMC related circuit design and art-work, free testing for the compatibility of product for certification, set up and support improvement measures, support for obtaining and maintaining international certificates, design change, shorten development period using 10m chamber and accurate test results to reduce overall cost.

2. EMC Debugging

Development Implementation Phase

(1) Provide Circuit Design and PCB Artwork Solution

Newly developed functionality implementation phase

1. Circuit Design

Circuit examination, Gerber file review

Correction and improvement of the circuit through examination

2. PCB artwork

Solutions for appropriate parts arrangement considering EMC, distribution of GND and power supply

3. Apparatus

Fabrication of apparatus taking into consideration of EMC

(2) Improvement Solution through EMC Test

Development Completion Phase

- EMC pre-test for improvement

- Fabricate debugging PCB

- Fabricate secondary PCB

(3) Receive & Complete Certification

- 1st and 2nd EMC improvement and circuit modification/improvement (considering productivity and cost)

- Produce final PCB

- Receive sample for certification

- Certification test

- Certification completed

3. EMC Testing

- Radiated Emission Interference Test

- Conducted Emission Interference Test

- ESD (Electrostatic Discharge Requirements) Immunity Test

- Radiated RF EMS Test

- EFT/Bust (Electrical Fast Transient/Bust Immunity) Test

- Surge Immunity Test

- Immunity to Radiated Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields

- Power Frequency Magnetic Field Immunity Test

- Pulse Magnetic Field Immunity Test

- Attenuated Magnetic Field Immunity Test

- Voltage Dips, Interruptions Immunity Test

- Antenna Terminal Voltage

- AV EMS( S1, S2a, S2b, S3, S4)

Open Area Test Site for EMI

4. Applicable Products

- ITE (information devices): computer systems and peripheral devices

- AV (audio/Video): TV and similar devices

- Home appliances: refrigerators, washing machines, etc

- Lighting apparatus

5. Support for Certification

We are providing the services for the EMC Debugging certifications set forth below with more than 10 years' experiences and knowhow, and on the basis of the authorization of the KOLAS, compliance to the ISO/IEC 17025, certification business partnership with the TUV (Germany), FCC (USA), VCCI (Japan), and KCC of Korea.

KCC (type approval, EMC registration), e/E Marking (electric device safety certificate), CE-DoC, FCC, C-Tick, VCCI, CCC, CQC, IC, VCA (e-mark), ITC, TUV, SASO, GOST, DNV, PAL, BSMI, etc.

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