* Electric Safety Testing and Related Standards Certification

1. Outline

The regulations imposed on the wired and wireless public communication networks are based on the awareness of the importance of the public networks.

The devices harmful to public networks can cause serious interference or damage to the country.

In addition, the development of the devices utilizing radio frequency band is also a potential threat to public networks.

To protect public networks, prevent interference with other devices, and reduce risk to health, RF communication testing and certification must be implemented in compliance with the applicable technical standard and law and regulations.

The purposes of testing and certification further include protection of the communication devices and backbone communication network from external electrical and mechanical threats and to secure the safety and right of the users.

The RF testing of radio equipment aims at the efficient use of electromagnetic wave resource, reliability of performance and quality of the equipment for user safety, and the maintenance of the order of radio wave use.

2. Purpose of Testing

The purpose of test is to determine the compliance of the device with the applicable technical standard and laws and regulations related with RF control and Telecom, and to issue the certificate for product development evaluation, for submit to buyers and related authorities.


1) Objective Devices of KST's Service

1. RF Communication Devices

Weak radio (wireless mouse, FM transmitter, etc.)

transceivers / cellular phones (CB transceivers, data communication devices, CDMA/PCS/IMT 2000 Phone, etc.), small power devices (WLAN, Bluetooth, remote starter), dect phone, relays.


2. Wired (PSTL) Communication Devices

Modem, ADSL modem, telephones, video phones, VoIP, MoIP devices, FAX, credit card authorizer, composite function terminals with built-in telephone, switchboard, router, key phone system, ADSL/VDSL devices.


2) Supported Product Certificates

We are providing the services for the certifications set forth below with more than 10 years' experiences and knowhow, and on the basis of the authorization of the KOLAS, compliance to the ISO/IEC 17025, certification business partnership with the TUV (Germany), FCC (USA), Telec (Japan), and KCC of Korea.

- KCC (type approval, type registration), CE - R&EET, N. America - FCC (Part 68, 15, 10), Japan - (JATE/TELEC), Australia -A-Tick, China -SRRC, IC, TUV, etc.

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